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Teddyway” is a trading company that sells stuffed toys, flowers and sweets. Any business or individual is invited to purchase our products in large quantities.

We aim to ensure that the wholesale of our products is accessible to everyone. For this reason, we apply a discount on all products that are available in our online store for those who want to purchase a larger quantity of products.

The products that we offer: 
Giant teddy bears
Giant stuffed unicorns
Giant stuffed elephants
Giant stuffed flamingos
Giant stuffed koalas
Giant stuffed pandas
Giant stuffed bunnies
Giant stuffed tigers
Giant stuffed penguins
Rose teddy bears
Flower boxes

How to apply for wholesale and cooperation?

You may apply for wholesale and cooperation by e-mail: info@teddyway.com or using other contact details that can be found on our contact page: https://teddyway.com/contacts. Before that, carefully read the terms and conditions set out on this page. 

Who may apply for wholesale?

Any business or individual wishing to purchase a larger quantity of our products.

Is there any registration fee applied? 

We apply no cooperation and trade registration fee. 

Are there any additional fees applied to start cooperation?

We apply no additional fees because no intermediaries are involved when you purchase the goods. 

Is there a minimum order requirement to purchase goods at wholesale prices?

Yes. To get wholesale prices of our products, the value of the order has to be at least EUR 1,500 (before the discount). This amount does not include delivery charges and value added tax. 

How a wholesale order is delivered? 

To ensure fast and safe delivery, depending on the size of the wholesale order, we use the services of local/international logistics partners or DPD/DHL courier services for the delivery of the goods. In this way, we ensure the delivery of the shipment to you within the specified time period, and that the cargo is delivered to you intact. Delivery rates may vary depending on the size of the order. 

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